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How to Increase and Use YouTube Popularity

YouTube is a site for online public communications ranging from news, to sports to entertainment. You can down load almost anything on YouTube and you can watch almost anything through YouTube. It is the home to one of the largest content libraries of videos. The target group of YouTube is ages eighteen to thirty years old, from 53 different countries around the world YouTube gest one billion visitors. YouTube is also connected to Facebook, Twitter, and Goggle+ (all very popular social networking sites). This shows you the potential of your audience is massive.

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When you download a video to YouTube the most important part is now are your views, which is how many people see your video, your likes are how many people that like your videos, and comments which are the feedback of your video. But you have no control of that, your video is out there and now you just hope that people will happen to come across your video, working around the clock to promote your video.

Actually this isn’t the case; you can buy YouTube likes, views and real comments. What will this do? Search engines show the most viewed videos when people search key words, if you have a lot of views it gives you a boost and a higher chance for people to find. Also, people have a habit of watching videos with the most likes, buying likes will attract people to your video. A higher amount of likes also will drive up subscribers.

Subscribers will bring up your popularity and begin to make you a recognized name. Once you become recognized it begins to allow you access YouTube in a business prospective. You can integrate a Facebook page and now you are bringing traffic to both your YouTube channel and Facebook page. Doing this broadens your market for whatever product or service you would be interested in selling.

In a hypothetical world if you were to make yourself a recognized name on YouTube and began to have t-shirts of yourself made. You could now use the Facebook page as a marketing area as well for both your t-shirts and your YouTube channel. This cross marketing effect works for services as well and is utilized with the purchases of likes for your social media and video accounts.

Buying YouTube likes is a good marketing technique for your videos and business ventures. The ability to cross network with other social media sites has its own benefits as well. So in utilizing these services it makes perfect sense to purchase likes and traffic to boost your potential.

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