The Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Followers and Likes

Instagram is a photo sharing site that can be connected to Facebook, twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. Instagram also allows you to touch up and edit your photos. Since the new venue for advertising anything and everything is social networking. But like any social networking followers and likes are everything. The more followers you have the more people you can branch off of and reach and the more photos those. Anything that has to do with social the way to stand out is by being Popular. Popularity for social networking is the amount of followers you have and how many likes your photos have.

Packages For Followers

1000 Instagram Followers for $6 USD
2000 Instagram Followers for $12 USD
3000 Instagram Followers for $18 USD
5000 Instagram Followers for $30 USD
10000 Instagram Followers for $50 USD
25000 Instagram Followers for $150 USD

Packages - Buy Instagram Likes

1000 Instagram Likes for $6 USD
2000 Instagram Likes for $12 USD
3000 Instagram Likes for $18 USD
5000 Instagram Likes for $30 USD
10000 Instagram Likes for $60 USD
25000 Instagram Likes for $150 USD

Waiting and trying to build followers for Instagram is a time consuming task that wastes your energy, that energy can be spent taking and putting more pictures on your page. By buying Instagram followers you give your page that push to increase your visibility and the attraction people will have to your page.

However, the only downfall to buying Instagram followers is that a lot of services will use fake people, with fake accounts. This means the boost of followers ends there, if it is a fake account they won’t support your page and like your photos.

If this still an option that it seems like you are willing to try then there are several services on the internet that you can hire. As mentioned before many of them use dead fake profiles to interact with your page. It is important that you do some research on the service you choose to make sure that they use fake profiles and not hacked ones. Sadly seeing this field as a cash cow many service providers have resulted to hacking dead profiles and using them.

The idea of a fake profile that doesn’t interact with you at all though can make it known your profile that you’ve purchased your followers. The best way to remedy is to purchase a service that uses real users. The only downside to services that network real users is the amount that is charged for likes. The reason for this is because the real users are paid to like and follow you. The funds do not only go to the service provider.

Now that you know this service is available for you to utilize the question is do you want to use it? There are the definite pros to it listed above, but then there is a large list of cons as well. It just depends if you believe the pros out weight the cons.

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