Buy Google Plus Ones and Circle Followers

Purchasing Google+ Ones and Followers

Google+ is a social networking site that was created by the company Google Inc. Who of course most of us know for the search engine Google. Their social network Google+ is currently the second most used social network out there. The first social network being Facebook and the third being twitter. Roughly around 235 million users are active on Google+ a month, and there is a constant tally of over 500 million users in total. The free Google+ app is now currently the fourth most popular applications available in the Google Play Android store.

Packages - Buy +1s

100 Google Plus Ones for $7 USD
250 Google Plus Ones for $15 USD
500 Google Plus Ones for $20 USD
1000 Google Plus Ones for $35 USD

Packages - Buy circle Followers

100 Google Plus Followers for $7 USD
250 Google Plus Followers for $15 USD
500 Google Plus Followers for $20 USD
1000 Google Plus Followers for $35 USD

Google+ uses a system very similar to that of other social networking sites. Posts are still posts, newsfeeds are called streams, friends are now followers, likes are now ones, and your friends list is now called your circle. So not that much is different, the core concepts are still the same. The circle aspect of the site is actually what we are planning on talking about today. You can buy members for your social circle, this is a way of advertising for a business, or making yourself more popular as an individual, or online personality.

For whatever reasons you decide that you need more people in your Google circle or you need more ones added to your profile is your own business. This article is just to let you know that there are options out there aside from being liked and popular. You can buy your ones and members of your circle! Not kidding you, you can purchase your ones and circle members. The benefits to this are simply that the more social you seem the more you appeal to other people. If you happen to be a business then, you get socialized and marketed more using this approach. So, it’s a winning situation for most it may seem.

The pricing for this is not that terrible; to be honest it’s quite affordable. It usually runs between $10 and $20 for roughly around 100 followers. These price ratings are based on real people as well. Real users who will follow your circle, like your page, and share you in other social networks. The con is some of these services use hacked or dead profiles that are useless. They don’t comment, share, or do anything helpful to your page except to take up space.

So now that you know the possible types and tactics of a buy your own ones and followers pack, do you think it’s right for you? If so than hop on Google and find a service that is right for you. If not that’s ok, slow and steady sometimes will win the race.

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